Biocidal Sanitation


The SmartMist Sanitisation Misting System is a safe, clean and effective biocidal dry-mist system that keeps your office, workplace or building bio-secure. It is fully integrated into the fabric of the building and controlled from a panel or web app.

SmartMist and Mitie/Citrox have joined forces to deliver a fixed sanitisation misting system for organisations of any size that deploys a 100% organic biocidal solution that not only keeps environments COVID secure, but biosecure.


The main challenges organisations face in getting their employees back in the workplace are those of perceived safety and staff confidence.


/ˈbʌɪə(ʊ)sɪˌkjʊə/ /ˈbʌɪə(ʊ)sɪˌkjɔː/

noun [mass noun]

Proof against the incursion or escape of harmful organisms by establishing a set of procedures or measures designed to protect the population.

In just a few seconds the Smartmist SMS sanitises and protects, allowing businesses to safely welcome employees and clients to offices, workplaces and shared spaces. Staff are confident in the knowledge that their workplace is clean and safe.

Increasing Staff Confidence

Employees want to feel safe and have full confidence that they will not contract anything at work and contaminate their homes and families. The SmartMist/Citrox system delivers that confidence.

With a partial return to work of only 44%, the UK might lag behind France (88%), Italy (83%) and Spain (80%) in getting their workers back to the office (Alphawise/Morgan Stanley 14-17 Sep), but with a practical investment in an unobtrusive integrated SmartMist misting system, you can provide a safe workplace that restores staff confidence and workplace efficiency.

What is Citrox?

Citrox is a totally natural product with an organic active ingredient, a 100% natural organic antimicrobial agent extracted from citrus fruits; Citrox products are non-toxic, non-oxidising, non-mutagenic, noncarcinogenic, hypoallergenic and noncorrosive. Citrox is a patented combination of small and large Bioflavonoid molecules with known anti-microbial and viral activity, with enhanced activity from natural fruit acids.

Citrox reduces cross-infection of bacteria, viruses and fungi, protecting your colleagues and workspaces. Citrox has been independently tested against multiple viruses and bacteria to prove its effectiveness, meeting multiple industry standards, including EN14476, proving its effectiveness against enveloped viruses including coronaviruses.

A Safe, Virus-Free Working Environment

The SmartMist system has been designed to work specifically with Citrox which has a proven sanitisation solution that combats airborne or surface viral pathogens. The SmartMist SMS emits a fine mist consisting of droplets measuring only 5 microns (200th of a mm) that does not leave surfaces damp; the system allows for complete coverage of an area, without any risk of water damage.

Benefits of a Misting System

An integrated misting system is a safe, effective and efficient way to regularly sanitise an area; touch-less cleaning is not only quick, requiting minimal human input, it is also more effective than ‘cloth and disinfection solution’ cleaning at keeping surfaces and hard to reach areas germ-free, removing the risk of cross contamination and human fallibility.

Integrated Into Your Building

The SmartMist SMS is installed by our professional engineers, who integrate the system into your building in ceiling spaces or alongside fire suppression systems. The system is sleek, non-intrusive, easy to install and operate and it can be programmed manually via the soft touch panel, or remotely via a web-enabled operating system. Our specialist teams efficiently maintain service your system to the same high standards as fire suppression systems, keeping your office safe.

A Professional Solution

The SmartMist Global system deploying Citrox Protect provides a bio-secure environment against viral droplets and airborne pathogens for any organisation. In the on-going and evolving fight against SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, the combination of SmartMist and Citrox provides the best fixed misting system and antimicrobial agent on the market today and leads the way in delivering a bio-secure working environment.