Case Study | Restaurant & Holiday Accommodation

Project Summary

SmartMist Water Mist Suppression System for Cornwall Restaurant & Holiday Install

SmartMist is proud to share a recent installation project in collaboration with our esteemed distributor, Fire Crest Fire Protection. We successfully installed our cutting-edge water mist suppression system at a unique Cornwall holiday retreat, complete with a restaurant, just in time for its reopening following the relaxation of lockdown restrictions. This installation came with its own set of captivating challenges, as the entire premises were set aboard a picturesque French barge.

The challenge

A Unique Setting. One of the primary challenges we encountered was the distinctive nature of the venue. With a restaurant situated above holiday accommodations, fire protection solutions needed to comply with stringent legislation. Traditional sprinkler systems were deemed unsuitable due to various constraints. Therefore, SmartMist was selected as the ideal solution. Not only does it eliminate the need for a dedicated water supply, but in the event of activation, it also minimises potential damage compared to traditional sprinkler systems.

The Solution

The expert engineers, executed the installation swiftly and efficiently, completing the project in just one day. This remarkable feat not only ensured the safety of the venue's guests and staff but also minimised disruption, proving to be a win-win solution for all involved.

Client Response

Following the installation of SmartMist's water mist suppression system by Fire Crest Fire Protection, the client couldn't be more pleased. The unique Cornwall holiday retreat, with its restaurant situated above the holiday accommodations, now boasts an enhanced level of safety that aligns seamlessly with regulatory requirements.

Not only has the SmartMist system ensured compliance with legislation, but it has also provided peace of mind to both the management and guests of the establishment. The client appreciates the foresight in choosing SmartMist over traditional sprinkler systems, as it not only eliminates the need for a dedicated water supply but also significantly reduces potential damage in case of activation.

Guests have also been delighted by the unobtrusive and efficient installation process carried out by the skilled Fire Crest engineers in collaboration with SmartMist. This installation has undoubtedly contributed to a positive guest experience, making the Cornwall holiday retreat an even more attractive destination.

This successful collaboration between SmartMist, Fire Crest Fire Protection and our valued client highlights our commitment to delivering top-notch fire suppression solutions, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our partners and their patrons. We look forward to continuing to provide exceptional fire protection services in the future.