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The SmartMist water mist system, is one of the most cost effective, discreet and compact water mist systems currently available on the market.


Where can Smart Mist be used?

Smart Mist is suitable for all property types approved in British Standard BS:8458; these are:

Domestic occupancy

Single family dwellings such as:

  • Individual dwelling house
  • Individual flat
  • Individual maisonette
  • Transportable home
  • Houses of multiple occupation (HMOs)
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation
  • Boarding houses Blocks of flats 18m or less in height and with a maximum total floor area of 2400 square metres.

Residential occupancy

  • Blocks of flats greater than 18m in height
  • Sheltered and extra care housing
  • Residential care premises
  • Residential rehabilitation accommodation
  • Dormitories (e.g. attached to educational establishments)
  • Hostels
Is the SmartMist System British Standard approved?

Yes. The SmartMist system has passed and conforms to BS8458.

Does the Smart Mist system have to be installed by an accredited installer?

Although one of the principal features of the Smart Mist system is its ease of installation, it is essential that to meet with the requirements of BS8458 it must be installed, commissioned and subsequently maintained by a Smart Mist accredited installer. All Smart Mist approved installers are 3rd party accredited and hold all the necessary insurances, giving you complete peace of mind.

Does the flexible tubing/high pressure hose need to be installed behind a fire rated barrier?
  • The flexible tubing/high pressure hose used by Smart Mist must be installed behind a fire rated barrier.
  • Ideally the fire barrier should have a 60 minute fire rating. The minimum acceptable fire rating is 30 minutes in accordance with Building Regulations.
  • Where a fire barrier cannot be provided such as on a concrete ceiling Stainless Steel 316 rigid pipework should be used.
What maintenance is required for the Smart Mist system?
  • The Smart Mist system requires annual maintenance
  • We keep a record in house of all installations and will email, text, phone or send a letter a few weeks before the service due date. It is essential to maintain the system to ensure that in the event of fire the system activates correctly.
Can the system be retrofitted?

Yes, the Smart Mist system is designed to be retrofittable.

Can high pressure water mist discharge be a danger to people?

Since the momentum of water mist spray dissipates quickly after it is discharged, the dispersed water mist droplets in general are harmless one metre away from the nozzle.

Can general kitchen heat trigger an accidental activation of the system?

Smoke does not trigger the nozzle. The activation bulb situated within the nozzle is only activated by a direct heat source i.e physical flame at a temperature of +57°c (135°F).

Similarly, a water mist nozzle in close proximity to an oven will not be affected by opening the oven as the heat is dissipated very rapidly by dilution of the surrounding atmosphere.

Can water mist nozzles get clogged in hard water areas?

Hard water is water that has high mineral content and is largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulphates. These deposits normally occur where there is water flow. The mist systems water is static and held at low pressure therefore deposits do not occur at the nozzles.

Can water mist nozzles get clogged by corrosion?

Water mist nozzles and other system components are made of corrosive-resistant materials to prevent clogging due to corrosion. The SmartMist heads are put through a process that protects against corrosion and the metals used were chosen after advice taken from a leading university metals specialist.

Filters are typically installed at nozzles. Most importantly however, good water quality is required for water mist systems, if there is doubt in water quality it is recommended this be tested prior to installation.

Checking for clogging of the head forms part of the annual maintenance.

Will all the nozzles activate in my property in the event of a fire?

No, that is a myth. Only the nozzle where the frangible bulb breaks will be activated, in the unfortunate event of a fire.