SmartMist Systems

Service and Maintenance

Ongoing system maintenance is vital, not only for your continued peace of mind, but to ensure the system stays healthy and to continue extending the system guarantee. System maintenance should only be completed by an approved distributor. The system has a self-test facility, so will only require an annual service; this is also in line with British Standard servicing requirements and all current legislation.

Monthly testing

Once a month, around every 28 days, the system will self-test using the internal controller and water recirculation system. This is completely normal, so don’t panic if your pump briefly turns over. This test ensures that the pump hasn’t, and is less likely, to cease when it is sat idle. This will not cause any water to discharge from the installed nozzles.

If there is any error that arises from the tests, the system will give both an audible and visual alarm, details of which can be found both in the user manual and on the front of the pump housing.

In the unlikely event of this happening, please contact your service agent directly at your earliest convenience, and they will arrange for an internal service engineer to attend and inspect the system.

Second Fix

As with any new technology, it is imperative that the performance of the system is not only proven but verified and certified by a recognised and accredited third party.

Through our internal design and engineering teams, Smartmist Global have a unique insight and understanding of the performance requirements of the system, having been instrumental in the production of the latest content, including the full-scale fire test protocols adopted by British Standards. Our director previously sat on and assisted with the writings of the Draft BS8458 Standards and can offer a vast amount of technical and professional input to any system design.

With great pleasure, Smartmist Global can say that the SmartMist system offered is fully compliant in line with the stringent requirements of BS8458:2015 in every area; ranging from pump components, alert and monitoring systems, and nozzle operation.

As part of the rigorous testing protocols, the system is subjected to a series of full-scale fires and data tracked and reported, and an approval document is produced.

If You or your Building Control Officer wish to see the full fire test results and subsequent test report/certificate, feel free to download our test report and see just how effective the SmartMist system is at protecting you and your property.


Can we service a Misting System that is not ours?

YES. Here at SmartMist, we are inundated with requests for the servicing of other misting systems. Whenever we install our SmartMist system, we ensure that the annual servicing is in place without fail.

It appears that for whatever reason, some other systems are installed and service and maintenance does not take place. This is a major concern for us.

We are in a business sector that is still young. Relatively speaking. We are very proud of our sector and are aware that one bad-news story could be horrific for the householder.

As a result of the constant enquiries, we have set up the mist system maintenance service. We have in-house engineers who are very experienced in mist suppression.

We are able to instill a general maintenance service contract of your existing mist system. We have to be clear that we will not take any responsibility for the design or performance of the existing system but we can ensure that all the visible components are working and in order. Where possible we will run a system check and also survey the pump and nozzles in situ.

If you have a mist suppression system installed and are not having it annually serviced, we recommend you contact the installers. If you still need support, please contact us by email or telephone and we ensure you receive the assistance required.