Passive House Fire Suppression

The SmartMist water mist system, is one of the most cost effective, discreet and compact water mist systems currently available on the market.

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Fire Suppression System for Domestic & Residential

Reasons to choose SmartMist

Cost Effective

Efficient, job by job pricing basis to ensure full value engineering for your needs.

Self-Sufficient Testing

Monthly self-testing and full internal control monitoring systems mean automated, protected peace of mind

BS8458 Compliant

SmartMist is fully certified to ensure all building control requirements are ticked

Volt Free Alarm Terminals

Incorporating two sets of volt-free contacts to link to house or building fire alarm control systems

Low Flow, Low Damage

Low water flow means no additional water storage and less water damage on activation

Flush Fit, Non Intrusive

An aesthetically pleasing nozzle and flexible rigid tubing allow for quick, easy and simple installation

Compact Piece of Mind

The most compact pump unit for minimum disruption and less intrusion

All-in-One Housing

No external components mean no visual mess; everything is hidden discreetly away

Installation Process

Simple 4 step process

1. Survey

Our distribution team will be in touch for surveys or to provide you with an approved floorplan of the Guardian proposal.

2. First Fix

Our team of engineers will attend your site, and complete a ‘First Fix’, where the pipework for the system will be installed and tested.

3. System Installation

The team will install the water mist head and Pump system, complete a full test, commission the system and leave your site protected.

4. Service

The engineers revisit annually to complete a comprehensive service, which ensures your system remains at optimal functionality.

The Guardian Mist System

The Next Generation of Fire Sprinkler

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Cost effective water mist technology

Passive House Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression For Passive House

As passive house development increases in popularity, so does the need for high quality passive house fire protection.

The Smart Mist water mist fire suppression system is the perfect solution for fire safety in passive house construction.The result of 2 years’ engineering and expert consultation, the SmartMist team have designed component parts that are manufactured to the highest standards of performance and are guaranteed to deploy and function even after an extended period of inactivity.

When it comes to safeguarding the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime, SmartMist’s Guardian range acts as a silent protector in every sense possible.In industry testing, the SmartMist Residential system passed the necessary requirements of British Standards 8458:2015 for Residential Fire Suppression.

If you are looking for the ultimate in passive house fire protection, please contact our specialist team, who will happily guide you through the process.

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Case Study | Passive House in Cornwall, UK

Project Summary

Advanced Fire Suppression System in a Passive House, Cornwall, UK

Project Summary

In 2023, SmartMist undertook a distinctive project in Cornwall, focusing on a Passive House – a building standard characterized by energy efficiency, reduced ecological footprint, and exceptional thermal comfort. Our task was to install an advanced fire suppression system, tailored to meet the unique requirements of this energy-efficient home.

The challenge

The main challenge was to design a fire suppression system that aligned with the Passive House's energy-efficient design. This required a system that was not only effective in providing fire safety but also compatible with the house's stringent environmental and energy standards.

The Solution

SmartMist developed a bespoke, high-efficiency fire suppression system, specifically designed for the Passive House. Our solution focused on maintaining the house’s energy efficiency while ensuring the highest level of fire safety. The system was designed to be minimally invasive, preserving the architectural integrity of the home.

Client Response

The homeowner was exceptionally pleased with the installation, noting SmartMist’s ability to provide a fire safety solution that complemented their home's eco-friendly ethos. The project not only ensured the highest safety standards but also upheld the environmental principles central to a Passive House.