Fire Suppression For Residential Flats & Apartments

The SmartMist water mist system, is one of the most cost effective, discreet and compact water mist systems currently available on the market.

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Fire Suppression System for Domestic & Residential

Reasons to choose SmartMist

Cost Effective

Efficient, job by job pricing basis to ensure full value engineering for your needs.

Self-Sufficient Testing

Monthly self-testing and full internal control monitoring systems mean automated, protected peace of mind

BS8458 Compliant

SmartMist is fully certified to ensure all building control requirements are ticked

Volt Free Alarm Terminals

Incorporating two sets of volt-free contacts to link to house or building fire alarm control systems

Low Flow, Low Damage

Low water flow means no additional water storage and less water damage on activation

Flush Fit, Non Intrusive

An aesthetically pleasing nozzle and flexible rigid tubing allow for quick, easy and simple installation

Compact Piece of Mind

The most compact pump unit for minimum disruption and less intrusion

All-in-One Housing

No external components mean no visual mess; everything is hidden discreetly away

Installation Process

Simple 4 step process

1. Survey

Our distribution team will be in touch for surveys or to provide you with an approved floorplan of the Guardian proposal.

2. First Fix

Our team of engineers will attend your site, and complete a ‘First Fix’, where the pipework for the system will be installed and tested.

3. System Installation

The team will install the water mist head and Pump system, complete a full test, commission the system and leave your site protected.

4. Service

The engineers revisit annually to complete a comprehensive service, which ensures your system remains at optimal functionality.

The Guardian Mist System

The Next Generation of Fire Sprinkler

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Cost effective water mist technology

Fire Suppression For Residential Flats and Apartments

Fires in flats and apartments, while less frequent than in family homes, tend to result in more significant damage and higher risks to life when they do occur. Statistics indicate that a substantial number of these fires originate in the kitchen, often due to unattended ovens or cooking equipment. This alarming trend has led many homeowners and tenants to consider installing mist suppression systems as a preventative measure.

The Smart Mist Guardian system offers a robust solution, delivering enhanced safety and peace of mind at an affordable cost. Utilizing high-pressure water mist, this system swiftly suppresses both fire and smoke, effectively reducing property damage while also being cost-efficient. Its design ensures minimal water usage, thus protecting your belongings from extensive water harm commonly associated with traditional fire suppression methods.

Moreover, the Smart Mist Guardian system is a fully automated, self-contained solution that requires minimal intervention once installed. It's designed to be unobtrusive and integrate seamlessly into the aesthetics of any apartment or flat, maintaining the integrity of your living space while providing critical fire protection. Being approved, reliable, and quality-assured, the system gives residents the confidence of living in a safer environment.

Water mist technology, the core of the Smart Mist Guardian system, has been extensively tested and proven to be highly effective in various settings. Its fine water droplets cool the fire and displace oxygen, rapidly bringing a fire under control. This technology not only preserves life but also significantly reduces the amount of damage to property and the environment compared to traditional firefighting methods.

In conclusion, the Smart Mist Guardian system represents a new era in residential fire safety. It's an investment in protecting not just property but also the lives of those residing in flats and apartments. With its advanced technology, ease of installation, and unobtrusive design, it's an ideal choice for modern urban living, where safety and aesthetics go hand in hand.

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Luxury Flats/Apartments

Fire safety within luxury flats and apartments is paramount for both protection of life as well as asset protection.For home-owners and tenants in luxury flats, the Smart Mist guardian system provides enhanced safety and peace of mind at an affordable costSmart Mist Guardian system uses water mist at high pressure to rapidly suppress both fire and smoke, whilst minimising damage to your property and being cost effective.Smart Mist Guardian system is a fully automated system that is approved, reliable and quality-assured. Water mist has been proven to protect life and property in numerous applications.

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Case Study | Apartment Mist System Installation

Project Summary

Innovative Apartment Mist System Installation, Downtown Manchester, UK

Project Summary

In 2023, a key project in downtown Manchester involved upgrading fire safety in a large residential complex. SmartMist was chosen for its expertise in fire protection, specifically for the installation of advanced mist systems in all apartment units.

The challenge

The challenge was to install the mist system in a fully occupied complex, with a focus on minimal disruption. Each apartment's unique design required a tailored approach, integrating the new system with the existing fire safety measures.

The Solution

SmartMist's solution involved custom-designed mist systems for each apartment, ensuring minimal intrusion and aesthetic preservation. The integration of these systems with the existing fire alarms and emergency protocols was a key aspect of the project.

Client Response

The building management and residents praised SmartMist for the professionalism and efficiency of the installation, appreciating the upgraded fire safety measures. The project reinforced the complex's reputation as a secure, modern living space.