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The SmartMist water mist system, is one of the most cost effective, discreet and compact water mist systems currently available on the market.

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Reasons to choose SmartMist

Customised Safety Designs

SmartMist excels in creating bespoke kitchen fire suppression systems, ensuring tailored safety for diverse culinary environments.

Installation Excellence

Rely on our skilled technicians for flawless installation, maintaining kitchen workflow with minimal downtime and maximum safety.

Ongoing Maintenance Commitment

Benefit from SmartMist's dedicated aftercare, with regular system checks and swift, reliable maintenance services.

Technology-Driven Protection

Stay ahead with SmartMist's use of advanced suppression technologies, offering quick, efficient responses to fire incidents.

Consultative Approach

Our experts guide you through the best fire safety options, combining industry knowledge with your specific kitchen needs.

Seamless System Integration

We integrate fire suppression systems into your kitchen’s unique layout, ensuring efficacy without disrupting aesthetics.

Installation Process

Simple 4 step process

Consultation for Kitchen Safety

Our journey begins with understanding your kitchen's fire safety needs. We gather details to craft a customized kitchen suppression system, ensuring optimal protection and compliance.

Designing Your Kitchen System

Leveraging our expertise in kitchen fire suppression, we design a system that perfectly aligns with your kitchen's layout and culinary operations, prioritizing both safety and efficiency.

Professional Kitchen Installation

Our experienced installers seamlessly integrate the fire suppression system into your kitchen, ensuring minimal impact on your daily operations and preserving the kitchen’s workflow.

Maintenance & Support

Post-installation, SmartMist offers dedicated maintenance and support for your kitchen suppression system, ensuring it remains in top condition for reliable, long-term protection.

Commercial Kitchens

Fire Suppression

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SmartMist – Leaders in innovative kitchen fire suppression

Renowned for our high quality range of water mist fire suppression technology, SmartMist have launched a division solely focused on kitchen fire safety for commercial and domestic kitchens.

Fires happen. And when fires happen, they often start in the kitchen. In fact, in homes, every other fire starts in the kitchen. The figures for commercial kitchens are even more alarming.

A kitchen fire suppression system is not only essential. It is the law. Insurance companies are now cracking down on the quality of kitchen fire suppression systems required. Indeed, you may be reading this now as your insurance provider has refused to renew unless certain improvements are made. The SmartMist range of kitchen fire suppression systems ensure that your kitchen meets all the requirements. SmartMist have launched a kitchen range of suppression systems that continue the route of high quality systems, installed by our renowned in-house team of engineers.

We are very proud to announce our partnership with Amerex systems. This collaboration means we now have the solution to every client’s kitchen fire suppression requirements. The key to our service is that we now offer a range of suppression systems that are geared to the requirements of our clients.

Fixed & Flexible kitchen fire suppression systems

Fixed kitchen systems

If your kitchen appliances are rigid such as in a food chain type environment or on a ship for example, we offer our fixed system. Our nozzles are configured according to legal requirements and offer your kitchen location the perfect fire protection system.

Flexible kitchen systems

We know that in some locations, things change over time. Our flexible suppression system gives you the freedom to move things around. The flexible system will enable you to do this without having to invest in a new suppression system every time. Our industry leading nozzles are configured with safety and aesthetics as paramount. In most cases, however often they are moved, they remain out of sight. We use the latest in fire safety technology utilizing both thermal heat detection systems as well as wire heat detection.

Frequently asked questions – Kitchen Fire Suppression

How does our Restaurant Fire Suppression work?

Our system uses a fire detection model that activates to efficiently extinguish fire with little or no damage to kitchen. Conditions within the kitchen environment present a unique challenge in free suppression. Hot oils, grease and deep fat fryers mean more traditional methods are not suitable. Our light foam solution is kitchen friendly and is easily cleaned up after activation. on systems in a large number of commercial kitchens throughout the UK.

What happens next?

As soon as we receive your enquiry, we will aim to ascertain the correct requirements for your kitchen. Once this agreed, our technicians will design, install and then commission the system.

How long does installation take?

Once we have surveyed the kitchen and our technicians have planned the install, most installations can be done in a day. Sometimes two.

What is the cost of kitchen suppression installation?

A slightly cheeky but true answer is, far less than the cost of a fire. You won’t be surprised to learn that we cant really answer that without knowing the intricacies of your location. Your kitchen holds the answer to that question. The good news is that providing the answer will be pain and cost-free. We will need some details. Please call us or complete this simple form.

Will the system need to be serviced?


How often is service/maintenance required?

Depending on the kitchen, we normally maintain and service the system twice a year.

Do insurance companies accept the SmartMist kitchen fire suppression system?

The system is listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc., (UL), tested to Standard UL 300 and also approved by LPCB (LPS1223). Not only will our system satisfy your policy requirements, it may even reduce your premiums

Case Study | Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation for a Gourmet Burger Chain in Kensington

Project Summary

Commercial Kitchen in Kensington

Project Summary

In an ambitious expansion project, a popular gourmet burger chain on Kensington High Street extended their restaurant into the next-door property. This extension included a significant kitchen enlargement. SmartMist was selected to overhaul and upgrade the fire suppression system to ensure optimal safety in the expanded space.

The challenge

The main challenge was the complete removal of the existing fire suppression system and its replacement with a more advanced solution. The expanded kitchen, featuring additional hoods, ovens, and deep fat fryers, required thorough coverage and state-of-the-art fire protection.

The Solution

SmartMist designed a bespoke fire suppression system tailored to the expanded kitchen's specific needs. The plan involved full coverage of all cooking and frying areas, ensuring every potential fire risk was addressed. The system was selected for its efficiency, reliability, and minimal impact on the kitchen's operations.

A skilled team of four (three men and one woman) from SmartMist undertook the installation. The job was completed in just two days, a testament to the team's expertise and the system's ease of installation. Their efficient work minimized disruption to the restaurant's operations, a crucial factor for the busy Kensington High Street location.

Client Response & Conclusion

The restaurant manager, familiar with SmartMist's reputation from previous experience, expressed high satisfaction with the new system. The manager highlighted the team's professionalism and the system's comprehensive coverage as key factors in their positive feedback.

This case study demonstrates SmartMist's ability to deliver top-tier fire suppression solutions in high-pressure, commercial kitchen environments. The successful installation at the gourmet burger chain not only ensured compliance with fire safety standards but also reinforced SmartMist's position as a leader in advanced fire protection systems for the restaurant industry.

Case Study | Gurdwara Sikh Sangat, London

Project Summary

Gurdwara Sikh Sangat, London

Smartmist Systems is a leading provider of fire suppression systems, specializing in protecting commercial kitchens. One of their recent projects involved installing a kitchen fire suppression system for Gurdwara Sikh Sangat, a Sikh temple located in London. The installation was designed to protect the temple’s kitchen and dining area from potential fires and ensure the safety of its patrons.

The challenge

Gurdwara Sikh Sangat was facing a significant challenge in terms of fire safety in their kitchen and dining area. With a high volume of people using the facilities on a regular basis, the management were very concerned with the protection of their patrons and especially the people involved in cooking. The temple’s existing fire suppression system needed upgrading. The temple’s management was therefore looking for a new and more effective system to ensure the safety of all its patrons and protect the assets.

The Solution

Smartmist Systems proposed a solution to Gurdwara Sikh Sangat, which involved the installation of a state-of-the-art kitchen fire suppression system. The system was designed to detect and suppress fires in their early stages, preventing them from spreading and causing significant damage. The system was also easy to use, requiring minimal maintenance and training for temple staff.

The installation of the fire suppression system was carried out by Smartmist Systems’ team of experienced technicians, who ensured that the installation was completed on time and to the highest possible standards. The system was tested extensively before being commissioned, and the team provided comprehensive training to the temple’s staff to ensure that they could use it effectively.

Client Response

Gurdwara Sikh Sangat was extremely pleased with the installation of the new fire suppression system by Smartmist Systems. So much so that The President recorded a video explaining how pleased they were and happy they now had peace of mind, knowing that they are now fully protected against the risk of fire. The temple’s management has also been impressed by the professionalism and expertise demonstrated by Smartmist Systems throughout the installation process.

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