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Installing a sophisticated video flame detection system and a comprehensive mist suppression system.
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Commercial Fire Suppression & Sprinkler System

Reasons to choose SmartMist

Discover the SmartMist Advantage

Versatile Fire Safety for All Commercial Spaces" "SmartMist delivers adaptable fire suppression solutions, ideal for any commercial environment, ensuring reliable safety across diverse settings.

Tailored Fire Suppression Solutions

Expertly engineering unique fire safety systems, SmartMist turns your specific requirements into effective reality, from advanced mist technologies to hybrid solutions, perfectly aligning with every commercial need.

Rigorous Compliance in Every System

Each SmartMist solution is rigorously tested and fully accredited, ensuring compliance with the highest standards for your absolute peace of mind.

Skilled Installation & Flawless Integration

Our expert team guarantees efficient and safe installation, customizing each fire suppression system for a seamless fit in your premises.

Ensuring Longevity with SmartMist Support

SmartMist is dedicated to your long-term success, offering comprehensive maintenance, prompt repairs, and 24/7 support to ensure continuous, reliable protection.

Premier Installers of UltraFog Systems

SmartMist is renowned for expertly installing the UltraFog system, delivering exceptional microfine mist technology for advanced, effective fire suppression.

Advanced Flame Detection with SmartVision

SmartVision's AI-powered detection spots flames at the onset, enabling swift response from our mist systems for immediate and effective fire suppression.

Comprehensive Fire Safety Partnership

SmartMist is more than a provider; we're your fire safety partner at every step, offering top-tier solutions and dedicated support for complete peace of mind.

Customer Journey

Simple 6 step process

1. Enquiry

Your journey with SmartMist begins with an enquiry. Provide us with details about your fire protection needs. Our team will meticulously review your tender documents to fully understand the system requirements, coverage areas, and performance standards.

2. System Engineering with Site Surveys

Our engineers will complete an in-depth review of the tender documentation and if required will request a site meeting with you to complete a survey to better understand your project constraints, and fully appreciate your site layout. We will then complete a full system design.

3. Project Commencement and Pre-Start

You'll meet your dedicated project manager. This crucial meeting addresses project details, safety concerns, and timelines, ensuring a smooth kick-off for your fire protection project.

4. Installation and Pre-Commissioning

Our skilled installation team ensures your fire suppression system is installed with precision, adhering to strict safety standards. We then pre-commission your system to ensure no issues before final project handover.

5. Acceptance Testing and Handover

We complete full testing alongside your team, and provide full system training, complete system O&M’s to ensure your staff have the most knowledge possible for their system.

6. Post Installation Support

Our after-sales support encompasses regular maintenance checks, swift repairs, and 24/7 emergency assistance, ensuring continuous fire protection and your peace of mind.

The Future of Fire Suppression

Ultrafog Fire Sprinkler Technology

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Commercial Sprinkler System

SmartMist – Leading distributors for commercial fire sprinklers

Highly regarded in the development & installation of commercial fire suppression systems, SmartMist have become renowned as a distinguished provider of water misting solutions for a wide range of industrial fire protection challenges.


The strength of SmartMist lies in the flexibility and versatility of solutions. Every commercial fire strategy is different. The SmartMist solution will rely on valuable experience to provide the most appropriate fire suppression system for every commercial challenge.  From high rise buildings through to unique protection areas, the SmartMist team will design the most appropriate and up to date commercial fire protection solution. We manufacture our own system in the UK but often utilize appropriate systems from our partner companies.

Design Capability

SmartMist have a highly qualified in-house team of design engineers that can support you with 3D design drawing and hydraulic calculations. The design team are always very pleased to work alongside our clients to produce compliant designs.


SmartMist allocates a project manager for every install. They will always conduct a site visit to plan the most effective installation. The detail is key and we ensure our clients are completely in the planning and timescales. The fire suppression system installation team has extensive knowledge over a wide variety of industry sector fire suppression system installs.

Case Study | Machinery Plant

Project Summary

Machinery Plant Space in Materials Recycling

National services are often taken for granted, without thinking about the considerable investment into businesses and infrastructure that goes on behind the scenes.

Everyday processes are often assumed to just work; however, they are often driven by large, expensive pieces if machinery that require a lot of configuration, maintenance and monitoring. Not to mention the initial expense of the machinery, and the costs associated if it becomes damaged.

The challenge

A large, UK-based materials processing company approached us for plant-specific protection or large materials processing machines, with a specific interest of protecting the machinery items which are often running for upwards of 20 hours a day.

We surveyed several their sites across the UK to understand the areas they wanted protecting, the risks involved at each particular location and what the best solution would be after speaking to each individual site manager. Their primary concern was machinery overheating, leading to increased fire-risks if the machinery is unmonitored for a short period of time.

The Solution

The end solution was a self-contained cylinder based open-head deluge system, which led to ‘total flooding’ in the particular risk area. This consisted of a series of water and nitrogen cylinders, equal to the risk and discharge time required by the client, and mechanical activation valves linked to an electronic system control panel. The primary source of activation was using a series of smoke and heat detectors, set up in a double-knock arrangement, to ensure no false activations. Once a ‘confirmed fire’ signal was received by the control panel, an electrical signal was sent to the solenoid valve which allows for a full system discharge through all open nozzles. This was set for the extent of the risk from the machinery, so that no surrounding area was affected by fire spread.

The solution was compact and cylinder arrangements flexible to enable the engineers to install into a variety of different spaces as deemed best by the site management teams.

The system is serviced annually, without a wet discharge test, however all components and electrical control systems are tested for full system integrity.

Client Response

We have since installed eight further systems on various sites with twelve more pencilled for the nest two years

Case Study | Waste Transfer Detection

Project Summary

Waste Transfer Sector

The waste and recycling sector is amongst the most active sectors in Europe, with a value of over £30bn in 2020. However, in recent years with increased production and disposal of electronics, there are a number of high-risk areas that can have drastic knock-on effects within large plants across the UK.

One particular area of risk is fires caused by batteries which have been incorrectly disposed of in normal waste methods, rather than using correct e-waste recycling methods across the UK.

These fires start when batteries fall from waste conveyor belts and get caught in the roller bars underneath, often getting crushed, sparking, exploding and carrying a huge fire risk into general machinery spaces and along conveyors.

The challenge

We were approached by one of the country’s largest fire detection companies and were asked to produce a bespoke system that worked with their early detection systems, for the largest waste transfer company in Europe.

Our team of highly skilled systems designers surveyed the site and discovered a large number of concerning factors; particularly, the vast quantity of waste that is being transferred around these sites, the flammable risk materials and machinery within each transfer station and the pure scale of what was required to be achieved.

We spent time with the client and end user to understand what their primary concern was, and looked at how to achieve the most effective solution with the shortest reaction time possible, to ensure that fire spread was managed as efficiently as possible

The Solution

We designed from the ground up a completely bespoke solution for the end user. This consisted of two separate systems, integrated into a central fire control system which can be managed throughout site. This consisted of two, hydraulically suitable pump sets, utilising a supply and demand arrangement for each system. One system covered the main plant areas and machinery, whilst the other system covered the smaller transfer conveyors. Custom control panels were designed to support and work as swiftly as possible alongside the rapid flame detection system being utilised across the facility.

Each system was also fitted with manual override options to allow operators a chance of early activation and individual sectional solenoid valves in order to allow for precise reporting data to be fed back to the site monitoring station so that early warning can be provided to the other parts of the plant. This also worked with an early shutdown procedure, which integrated the suppression and detection systems to the emergency plant shutdown system. This stopped the conveyors and allowed for a greatly reduced risk spread to be implemented.

The system utilised 25,000 ltr water storage tanks to provide full coverage on each system. A series of carefully calibrated nozzles were placed along the edge of the conveyor, or directly above the conveyor path where required, to provide optimum coverage levels for the risk at hand.

The system is serviced annually in line with the appropriate standards and wet-tested to ensure full system integrity.

Client Response

The client was overjoyed with the system.

We are now in discussion with a subsidiary to provide a similar system in North West England.