How we can support you

Here at SmartMist, we are passionate about the benefits of utilising water mist in all aspects of firefighting. When you see the facts associated with water mist performance it really is a “no-brainer”.

Bespoke planning

At SmartMist, we have mist suppression range for a full range of sectors and locations. We are as adept at providing solutions for your home as we are for any commercial requirement.

The SmartMist name means quality of product and service. We provide our own manufactured range of products and we are also exclusive distributors and installers of the worlds most effective mist suppression systems.

We are very happy to provide advice on any project you may have, whatever size. If that results in an installation for us, that’s great. If it doesn’t, then at least we have provided you with enough information to make a decision on your project in hand.

So, if you have a project right now or in the future that may benefit from mist technology, get in touch. Our team is only too happy to assist.

How it works

Less Water required

For your storage and environmentally that’s obviously great. But, in the unlikely event of a fire, less water means less clear up.

Better performance

Mist doesn’t just wet and cool a fire like water. The fine droplets in mist, deprives the fire of oxygen.

Smoke Control

There’s lots more benefits but a real interesting feature of water mist on a fire is a process called “Smoke washing”. Elements of the smoke get attached to the tiny droplets and this acts to hinder the spread of smoke.