Fire Suppression For Modular Homes

The SmartMist water mist system, is one of the most cost effective, discreet and compact water mist systems currently available on the market.

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Fire Suppression System for Domestic & Residential

Reasons to choose SmartMist

Cost Effective

Efficient, job by job pricing basis to ensure full value engineering for your needs.

Self-Sufficient Testing

Monthly self-testing and full internal control monitoring systems mean automated, protected peace of mind

BS8458 Compliant

SmartMist is fully certified to ensure all building control requirements are ticked

Volt Free Alarm Terminals

Incorporating two sets of volt-free contacts to link to house or building fire alarm control systems

Low Flow, Low Damage

Low water flow means no additional water storage and less water damage on activation

Flush Fit, Non Intrusive

An aesthetically pleasing nozzle and flexible rigid tubing allow for quick, easy and simple installation

Compact Piece of Mind

The most compact pump unit for minimum disruption and less intrusion

All-in-One Housing

No external components mean no visual mess; everything is hidden discreetly away

Installation Process

Simple 4 step process

1. Survey

Our distribution team will be in touch for surveys or to provide you with an approved floorplan of the Guardian proposal.

2. First Fix

Our team of engineers will attend your site, and complete a ‘First Fix’, where the pipework for the system will be installed and tested.

3. System Installation

The team will install the water mist head and Pump system, complete a full test, commission the system and leave your site protected.

4. Service

The engineers revisit annually to complete a comprehensive service, which ensures your system remains at optimal functionality.

The Guardian Mist System

The Next Generation of Fire Sprinkler

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Cost effective water mist technology

Modular Homes Fire Safety Systems

Smart Mist are proud to announce that they are the nominated supplier of the high-pressure water mist fire suppression system for modular homes designed and constructed by Beattie Passive, who are based in Norwich, for their Passivhaus build system.

Fire Suppression For Modular Homes

All modular build properties supplied by Beattie Passive in both Scotland and Wales, and in accordance with legislative directives from both the Scottish Government and the Welsh assembly, must include fire suppression in all habitable rooms in all new homes, including bathrooms over 5m²and cupboard spaces over 2.5m². Although currently not a legislative requirement in England, more and more new homes, traditional build or otherwise are being looked at in regard to fire safety and the need to provide safe dwellings for home owners, leaseholders and tenants alike. Fire suppression systems will become a standard feature of new homes in England sooner rather than later similarly to the inclusion currently of linked fire detection systems.

The Smart Mist suppression system was selected by Beattie Passive on the basis of ease of installation, its ability to meet strict dimensional criteria within the pre-designed units, the systems compliance to BS8458:2015 for performance and be aesthetically pleasing for the end user. Whilst cost was a consideration it was not the principal driving force for system selection.

The system is simply and seamlessly installed at the Beattie factory in Norwich during the construction process of each individual unit.

Smart Mist Global’s accredited installer (Pro-Mist) has a permanent presence on the factory site to work alongside Beattie Passive.

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Modular Buildings and their place in the house building sector

The housing crisis, skills shortages and a lack of affordable homes continue to plague the UK. While both house builders and policymakers grapple with solutions to build new homes quickly, modular construction has been hailed by many in the industry as a possible answer to solve some of these challenges.

Modular construction is a process which involves constructing elements of a building offsite in a factory-controlled setting before being transported to site for assembly.

The process uses the same materials, standards and codes as conventionally built facilities and is undertaken under controlled plant conditions, but the process is completed in around half the time 13 weeks of a traditionally built home of 26 weeks. The buildings are produced in “modules” that are put together on site.

Benefits of modular homes

Build homes up to 30% quicker than traditional building practices

Less risk of complaints about noise and disruption

Generally unaffected by the weather and other environmental delays

More environmentally friendly – the process generates less waste

Reduces the risks of accidents and related liabilities for workers

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Case Study | Modular Home Project, Mid Glamorgan, Wales

Project Summary

Comprehensive Fire Suppression System for Modular Home Project, Mid Glamorgan, Wales

Project Summary

In 2023, SmartMist embarked on an ambitious project in Wales, implementing a full-coverage fire suppression system in a new modular home development. This project was particularly significant due to the stringent fire safety regulations in Wales, which necessitate comprehensive fire protection in all new homes.

The challenge

The primary challenge was to design and install a fire suppression system that not only met but exceeded the rigorous Welsh fire safety standards. The modular nature of the construction posed unique challenges, requiring a flexible and adaptable approach to the installation of fire safety systems.

The Solution

SmartMist developed a bespoke fire suppression system tailored to the specific needs of modular homes. Our focus was on creating a system that was both highly efficient and unobtrusive, ensuring the safety of the residents without compromising the design and functionality of the homes.

Client Response

The project developers and future residents expressed high satisfaction with the professionalism and effectiveness of the SmartMist installation. The project not only met the stringent Welsh fire safety standards but also set a new benchmark in fire safety for modular home developments.