SmartMist Benefits

There are numerous benefits in installing a water misting system instead of a traditional fire suppression system.

Why install a water misting system?

The most obvious of advantage is that a misting system uses far less water than a typical sprinkler system; less water means less water damage to your property. The tiny water droplets, 200-500 microns* (1 micron = 1000th of a mm), evaporate on contact with the blaze which helps to extinguish it more quickly and prevent re-ignition, and due to the droplet size misting allows for better water coverage of the flames and surrounding areas.

When it comes to reaction time, water misting systems tends to engage faster than other fire suppression systems, which can be the difference between a salvageable situation and an unmitigated disaster.

Why use SmartMist?

Here are just a few reasons to choose SmartMist.

Approved Installer Network

Our carefully curated network of Guardian installers must complete thorough in-house training and testing sessions before they are approved for installation, and required to achieve industry-standard requirements and accreditation levels to maintain access to the Guardian range.

Building Control Approved

Full British Standards compliance and simple watermist design interpretation provide easier approval pathways for Building Control and Local Authorities.

Less Water, Less Risk

Less water in the system means less water damage risk compared to sprinklers; making watermist systems highly sought after by insurance companies and specifiers.

UK Designed and Built

Designed by industry specialists and manufactured, assembled, and tested to strict ISO9001 Quality Standards across the UK.

Technological Innovation

Watermist technology uses fine water spray to efficiently tackle fire, damping smoke and greatly reducing heat to control fire spread; making water work smarter.

Enhanced Fire Protection

The Guardian system uses a unique, entirely natural additive which provides rapid cooling abilities and coats your the area in a fire-resistant barrier to prevent fire spread.