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The SmartMist water mist system, is one of the most cost effective, discreet and compact water mist systems currently available on the market.

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Commercial Fire Suppression & Sprinkler System

Reasons to choose SmartMist

Discover the SmartMist Advantage

Versatile Fire Safety for All Commercial Spaces" "SmartMist delivers adaptable fire suppression solutions, ideal for any commercial environment, ensuring reliable safety across diverse settings.

Tailored Fire Suppression Solutions

Expertly engineering unique fire safety systems, SmartMist turns your specific requirements into effective reality, from advanced mist technologies to hybrid solutions, perfectly aligning with every commercial need.

Rigorous Compliance in Every System

Each SmartMist solution is rigorously tested and fully accredited, ensuring compliance with the highest standards for your absolute peace of mind.

Skilled Installation & Flawless Integration

Our expert team guarantees efficient and safe installation, customizing each fire suppression system for a seamless fit in your premises.

Ensuring Longevity with SmartMist Support

SmartMist is dedicated to your long-term success, offering comprehensive maintenance, prompt repairs, and 24/7 support to ensure continuous, reliable protection.

Premier Installers of UltraFog Systems

SmartMist is renowned for expertly installing the UltraFog system, delivering exceptional microfine mist technology for advanced, effective fire suppression.

Advanced Flame Detection with SmartVision

SmartVision's AI-powered detection spots flames at the onset, enabling swift response from our mist systems for immediate and effective fire suppression.

Comprehensive Fire Safety Partnership

SmartMist is more than a provider; we're your fire safety partner at every step, offering top-tier solutions and dedicated support for complete peace of mind.

Installation Process

Simple 4 step process

1. Enquiry

Your journey with SmartMist begins with an enquiry. Provide us with details about your fire protection needs. Our team will meticulously review your tender documents to fully understand the system requirements, coverage areas, and performance standards.

2. System Engineering with Site Surveys

Our engineers will complete an in-depth review of the tender documentation and if required will request a site meeting with you to complete a survey to better understand your project constraints, and fully appreciate your site layout. We will then complete a full system design.

3. Project Commencement and Pre-Start

You'll meet your dedicated project manager. This crucial meeting addresses project details, safety concerns, and timelines, ensuring a smooth kick-off for your fire protection project.

4. Installation and Pre-Commissioning

Our skilled installation team ensures your fire suppression system is installed with precision, adhering to strict safety standards. We then pre-commission your system to ensure no issues before final project handover.

5. Acceptance Testing and Handover

We complete full testing alongside your team, and provide full system training, complete system O&M’s to ensure your staff have the most knowledge possible for their system.

6. Post Installation Support

Our after-sales support encompasses regular maintenance checks, swift repairs, and 24/7 emergency assistance, ensuring continuous fire protection and your peace of mind.

The Future of Fire Suppression

Ultrafog Fire Sprinkler Technology

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Cost effective water mist technology

Schools and Colleges Fire Suppression Systems

SmartMist™ provides schools and college buildings with a full design, install, commissioning and servicing of our accredited water mist suppression system.

Fire Protection for Schools and Colleges

The statistics on fires within schools presents some scary figures. And they’re getting worse. In the UK there are upto four fires every day reported in schools.SmartMist is a leading champion of mist technology. Our schools mist suppression system uses 73% less water than standard alternatives. This presents a huge space saving benefit and is clearly a much preferred option from an environmental aspect.Our system is a low pressure and low flow mist system. In the event of activation, just the one nozzle nearest the fire will be activated and the system is deliberately designed as quiet in operation. This assists in achieving a low-panic response with the children that are potentially close by.The combination of minimal water and low pressure ensures the SmartMist school suppression system is one of the most cost effective systems available in the UK.

Nationwide In-House Installation

The SmartMist school suppression system is backed by local councils, fire service and insurance companies as part of the whole fire suppression strategy for schools & colleges. SmartMist has an UK wide in-house installation team. If you are managing a fire suppression project for a school or college, contact the SmartMIst team and we will only to please to advise as best we can.

How does it work?

The SmartMist™ system operates automatically when the School is exposed to a pre-determined level of heat. This temperature would indicate there is a flame.The SmartMist™ own brand solution suppresses any fire by cooling, wetting and conversion of the unique mist into steam.The effectiveness is almost immediate, is completely safe and will cause no residue damage.