Case Study | Kew Green Hotels / YouFit at Holiday Inn Saunas

Project Summary

Kew Green Hotels / YouFit at Holiday Inn Saunas

Health and wellbeing is key when travelling, and having a local facility open for guest use just enhances this further. Being able to return to your accommodation after a long day of travelling or hours of back-to-back meetings or conferences can be tiring, so it is also key to be able to relax.

The challenge

Our client, a national hotel management company, approached us after insurers wanted to ensure that as much risk was mitigated as possible within the leisure area of their hotels. A number of them have either pool-side or changing room sauna areas for public use, and as such they want to ensure that if there is a fire, the risk of spread is limited and mostly contained.

Our engineering team travelled to a principal property and proposed two separate options for sauna suppression. Both options were suitable for the risk, however one was a self- contained option which required a little more space, and the other was a more compact pump based system which didn’t require as much storage room, but required alternative works to be completed.

The Solution

After having multiple meetings with both the estates director and the leisure director, it was agreed that we would survey another handful of sites within the vicinity to establish the most universal system.

After completing these, SmartMist proposed a compact, mains powered and mains supplied pump system that would feed directly into the singular nozzle required within the sauna area. Each system was designed for sauna suppression, but was tailored to suit the needs of each particular site. Some systems were used to feed two saunas in close proximity, while some sites had two remote systems to feed each sauna.

Client Response

Regular annual servicing is completed to ensure that the system is kept in a full, healthy state and to ensure that any future risk is safely mitigated from the rest of the hotel. The client was happy that we managed to provide a compliant solution that met their insurance requirements, and that their sauna properties are able to remain open and live.