Case Study | Fashion retail store in Knightsbridge.

Project Summary

High pressure mist system in high-end fashion retail store in Knightsbridge.


Historic Buildings draw hundreds of thousands of guests every single year, often boosting the local economy. With such a wide range of purpose, definition and status, there truly is something for everybody hidden away in such buildings across the nation. However, due to the nature of the buildings, they carry certain fire risks that wouldn’t necessarily be considered today. Older methods of building and fewer building regulations meant less control over certain aspects of development.

The challenge

Ermanno Scervino required a fire suppression system that could protect its two-story store in London's prestigious Sloane Street from the first floor to the front door within a tight two-month timeline. The store's location in a high-traffic area and the limited space available for the fire suppression system posed unique challenges.


The high-pressure mist system successfully extinguished a small fire in the basement, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability. The system provided Ermanno Scervino's Sloane Street store with comprehensive fire protection that met all building code requirements. The project reinforced SmartMist's reputation as a leading provider of fire suppression solutions. Overall, SmartMist's expertise and commitment to excellence enabled the company to successfully address the challenges of this project and deliver a solution that met Ermanno Scervino's high standards.

Client Response

Ermanno Scervino was impressed with SmartMist's expertise and ability to deliver the project within the tight timeframe. The company commended SmartMist's commitment to quality and its ability to work closely with the renovation crew to minimise disruptions.