Holiday Accommodation

July 24, 2023
1 min read

Cornwall restaurant & holiday install

Our valued distributer, Fire Crest Fire Protection have recently installed our SmartMist water mist suppression system allowing the client to open their unique holiday lets with restaurant above once lockdown restrictions had eased. Further challenges on this interesting instal, was the fact the whole premises is based on a beautiful French barge.

Legislation dictated, that with a restaurant situated above the holiday lets, a fixed fire protection solution was required. With a sprinkler system not being suitable, Fire Crest installed the SmartMist water mist system as the perfect solution as it did not need a dedicated water supply and in the event of activation, there would be far less damage than a sprinkler.

The experienced Fire Crest engineers worked quickly and efficiently installing our SmartMist fire suppression system within a day. A win-win for all concerned.