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The Guardian System | Water Mist Fire Sprinkler

Experience the Next Generation of Fire Suppression

At SmartMist, we're redefining residential fire safety with our innovative Guardian Residential WaterMist System. Designed with advanced technology, our system is a game-changer in both extinguishing fires and managing smoke hazards in modern homes.

How Our System Impacts Smoke

1. Advanced Smoke Production Reduction

Utilising thermodynamic principles, the Guardian system rapidly decreases the temperature at the fire source. This process directly correlates to a reduction in combustion rates, subsequently minimising smoke generation. It's a sophisticated approach to mitigate a primary by-product of fires.

2. Strategic Smoke Particle Aggregation

Through the emission of micro-fine water droplets, our system creates a dynamic interaction with smoke particles. These droplets, sized to optimise aggregation, effectively increase the mass of smoke particles, accelerating their descent and reducing airborne smoke proliferation.

4. A Proven Approach

While awaiting specific test data, the fundamental mechanics of water mist technology in smoke mitigation are established. The SmartMist Guardian system has visibly demonstrated these effects during stringent British standard fire testing.

The SmartMist Assurance

Unobtrusive, Efficient, and Effective

Our system blends seamlessly into your home environment, offering discreet yet powerful protection. The SmartMist Guardian provides not just efficient fire suppression but also a strategic approach to reducing smoke-related hazards, ensuring peace of mind.

A Step Ahead in Fire Safety

Embrace the future of home fire safety with SmartMist. Our commitment to innovation and safety is embodied in the Guardian Residential Water Mist System, empowering you to proactively manage both fires and smoke dangers.

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