Modular Homes Fire Safety

Modular Buildings and their place in the house building sector

The housing crisis, skills shortages and a lack of affordable homes continue to plague the UK. While both house builders and policymakers grapple with solutions to build new homes quickly, modular construction has been hailed by many in the industry as a possible answer to solve some of these challenges.

Modular construction is a process which involves constructing elements of a building offsite in a factory-controlled setting before being transported to site for assembly.

The process uses the same materials, standards and codes as conventionally built facilities and is undertaken under controlled plant conditions, but the process is completed in around half the time 13 weeks of a traditionally built home of 26 weeks
The buildings are produced in “modules” that are put together on site.

Benefits of modular homes:

1. Build homes up to 30% quicker than traditional building practices
2. Less risk of complaints about noise and disruption
3. Generally unaffected by the weather and other environmental delays
4. More environmentally friendly – the process generates less waste
5. Reduces the risks of accidents and related liabilities for workers.