Installation Process


Depending on the scale of your project, there are two or three key phases in the installation process: First Fix, Second Fix and Commissioning.

First Fix

The installation engineers will attend site on a pre-agreed date and time, convenient to you and in line with your project programme. Typically, however, this visit is completed in the earlier stages of the project with the electrical first fix, when ceilings are still down and floor boards can still be lifted.

Once on site, the engineers will confirm the agreed locations in line with the previously issued design proposals, agree any required modifications with the on site project manager if necessary, and commence the installation.

The compactness and flexibility of our unique, purpose made pipework will mean minimum disruption to other contractors on site, or to your property, and will allow for a quick, seamless installation.

On completion, before the engineers leave site, a pressure test will be completed to ensure all fittings are tight and secure, ensuring any leaks are caught early and importantly, before any damage can be caused to your property.

Second Fix

The second stage of the installation process, often coupled with the commissioning, is where the system begins to come together. Engineers will attend site at the tail end of the project to fit all nozzle heads into their allocated spaces throughout the building.

Once all nozzles are installed, a final pressure test will be completed to ensure that any new additions to the system are fastened and secured correctly. Once we are happy, we will fit the pump system into the pre-agreed position.

To enable seamless project completion, we will require BOTH the WATER SUPPLY and POWER SUPPLY to be installed at the agreed location, details of which are provided as part of the pre-installation package. If you don’t have this, contact your project designer.


A similar fitting process is completed, ensuring all new connections made are tight into the pump before filling the system with water. At this stage, depending on the project handover date, we will either complete the commissioning or make a return visit for the final stage.

Commissioning and Certification


The final stage: Commissioning

At this final stage, the SmartMist pump unit is fully fitted and connected to all utility supplies and is powered up and checked by the team. A brief system cycle is completed to ensure the pump is healthy and there are no issues with the utility supplies, and the pump is commissioned and left live and healthy.

The distributor, once happy with the system, will issue a completion certificate which can be issued to the Building Control Officers for sign off. This will typically be issued as part of the final handover pack, which includes final layout drawings and all associated user manuals and servicing schedules.


The SmartMist system designs are completed by our fully trained in-house design teams using 2D and 3D CAD, where required, to ensure full compliance to British Standard in accordance with our design procedures. These are completed either in-house for specialist projects, or via our fully trained distributor teams.

Our specialist teams have a wealth of industry knowledge and will be involved in your project from start to finish; not only will you have a constant point of contact, but the team will have a more complete understanding of your specific requirements and can design the right system for you and your project.

Your allocated designer will take the best available drawings for your project and can produce, if required, full dimensioned layout plans to be submitted to your Building Control Officer for approval prior to first fix installation. This can include a full set of hydraulic calculations based on most remote nozzles, using the most favourable pipe runs.

Our designers are happy to liase directly with Building Controllers and Local Authorities; not only does this ease any pressure on you as a client, it can help to keep the project moving along at the pace you require by answering any questions and queries directly.

Ready to send us your project drawings? Click here to contact us, or alternatively feel welcome to contact the distributor for your area through our Distributors page.

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