Residential fire suppression

The SmartMist residential fire suppression system is the “belt & braces” approach to home & apartment safety.

Whilst smoke detectors are a wonderful invention and save lives, the statistics state that they save lives in just over half the times when they are activated. They only detect fires. The SmartMist mist suppression system will automatically activate when a fire reaches 57 degrees.

The SmartMist system rapidly suppresses fires, allowing time for families to escape safely.

Water mist is delivered via our UK designed high pressure flush mounted water misting nozzles to best suppress fires in both domestic and residential properties.

Fire Protection where it matters most

Homes & apartments can simply and cost effectively be protected by installing SmartMist water mist system.

When activated, the mist system uses just 12 litres per minute of water, which is comparable to the average shower. This means it can be connected to the mains water supply. So, no need for bulky tanks of water to be stored.

Smart Mist guardian system provides enhanced safety and peace of mind at an affordable cost.

Smart Mist Guardian system uses water mist at a high pressure to rapidly suppress both fire and smoke, whilst minimising damage to your property and being cost effective.

The SmartMist water mist fire suppression system really does provide the highest standard of life safety and protection.

Why SmartMist?

The SmartMist system is designed, built and fully tested in-house by our dedicated team of engineers; every aspect of the system is controlled solely by Smartmist Global in accordance with our strict design guidelines to ensure you have the best service experience possible.

The SmartMist system can be designed to suit both residential and domestic properties. Our design team have also developed a unique dual-pump operational system which provides the performance expected from the SmartMist system, with no drastic increase in plant size, maintaining the lowest water requirement possible and keeping power supplies required to a minimum.

The SmartMist system has been developed using the latest technologies available to give you the most compliant system to BS8458:2015. Unlike some watermist systems available, the SmartMist system has a fully programmable flashing LED and audible sounder integrated into the purpose built housing.

Key Benefits

Cost Effective

Efficient, job by job pricing basis to ensure full value engineering for your needs.

Self-Sufficient Testing

Monthly self-testing and full internal control monitoring systems mean automated, protected peace of mind

BS8458 Compliant

SmartMist is fully certified to ensure all building control requirements are ticked

Volt Free Alarm Terminals

Incorporating two sets of volt-free contacts to link to house or building fire alarm control systems

Low Flow, Low Damage

Low water flow means no additional water storage and less water damage on activation

Flush Fit, Non Intrusive

An aesthetically pleasing nozzle and flexible rigid tubing allow for quick, easy and simple installation

Compact Piece of Mind

The most compact pump unit for minimum disruption and less intrusion

All-in-One Housing

No external components mean no visual mess; everything is hidden discreetly away

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