Sauna Fire Suppression

SmartMist™ is a UK manufacturer and installer of two types of sauna fire suppression systems. Both of these suppression systems use the latest mist technology and installation is undertaken proficiently by our highly qualified fire technicians.

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Sauna Fire Suppression

SmartMist™ is a UK manufacturer and installer of two types of sauna fire suppression systems. Both of these suppression systems use the latest mist technology and installation is undertaken proficiently by our highly qualified fire technicians.

The SmartMist sauna system is trusted by The Holiday Inn Group of hotels and Sven Saunas

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How much does a SmartMist Sauna fire suppression system cost?

To assist you, we provide a Sauna System Calculator. This will give you a really good feel for how much we charge for a 1-system installation.

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Increased Sauna Insurance Premiums

The leisure industry has been put under pressure by sauna fires that have been widely reported across the sector, now is the moment to invest in Fire Protection.

It stands to reason that when a timber room is heated to temperatures close to 100° by electrical components, the risk of fire increases exponentially. The SmartMist system mitigates that risk and limits the damage that can be caused by sauna fires with our industry-leading and proprietary misting systems. Fast and effective, our sauna mist systems control and suppress fires quickly and connect directly to the water mains, so there’s no need for cumbersome and space consuming water tanks.

Whether your sauna is for commercial or residential use, SmartMist provides fully accredited high-pressure water misting systems to safeguard your investment. Backed by an expert team of in-house engineers we design, support and service our misting installations with the industry’s best and brightest.

Why you should use water mist for sauna fire suppression systems?

When compared to traditional sprinklers or gaseous agents, advantages to user are:

  • Quick activation
  • Far less water consumption – Up to 90%
  • Insurance company friendly
  • Less equipment
  • Top firefighting performance
  • Minimal water damage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to use
  • Excellent coverage

How does the sauna fire system work?

The SmartMist system operates automatically when the sauna room is exposed to a pre-determined level of heat. This temperature would indicate there is a flame.

The SmartMist own brand solution suppresses any fire by cooling, wetting and conversion of the unique mist into steam.

The effectiveness is almost immediate, is completely safe and will cause no residue damage.

Our straightforward installation process


Our distribution team will be in touch for surveys or to provide you with an approved floorplan of the Guardian proposal.

First Fix

Our team of engineers will attend your site, and complete a ‘First Fix’, where the pipework for the system will be installed and tested.

System Installation

The team will install the water mist head and Pump system, complete a full test, commission the system and leave your site protected.


The engineers revisit annually to complete a comprehensive service, which ensures your system remains at optimal functionality.

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System Tender Process

Drawing and Specification Review

The SmartMist team will review your tender documents to ascertain the system requirements, cover areas and standard performance requirements.


If possible, or if requested as part of the tender, SmartMist Systems will send a trained member of our design team to your site to understand the particular risks, any site specific challenges and to understand the plant area and any issues which may arise.

Project Commencement

You will be introduced to the project manager for your project, and we will have a chance to discuss the project, any health and safety concerns or issues, and arrange project start dates and process reviews.

System Installation

The SmartMist team will review your tender documents to ascertain the system requirements, cover areas and standard performance requirements.

Training and Final Handover

On practical completion, we would hand the system over to your responsible person and ensure they fully understand the system and provide the necessary training. This will be followed with a full Operations and Maintenance Manual for your records.

Recent projects

St. Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre, Exeter City Council

According to recent studies, the Gym, Health and Fitness industries in the UK are worth around £1.8bn in todays market. Whilst this is a smaller valuation compared to pre-COVID, this is still a 33% increase over the last couple of years during COVID times. Couple this with an increasing requirement for Spa facilities across the country, and we can see why they often go hand-in-hand.

However, adding spa facilities can add risk of fire. Saunas and Saunariums, high-temperature spa areas found in the vast majority of health and leisure facilities seem like a great way to relax and recover after a workout or a tough day in the office, but for facilities management they can only add to this.

The Challenge

We were approached by Randall Simmonds, a large construction company working on a UKfirst project in Exeter. The enquiry was for sauna suppression system to be installed within a state-of-the-art Passivhaus leisure facility. The system was required to cover three separate sauna rooms within the same area in the most efficient, most effective way possible.

We spent some time getting to understand the requirements of a Passivhaus build, the limitations of building penetrations and the general project limitations and our highly skilled design team found a solution. As time was a pressing factor, we completed a lot of this stage remotely, having conversations with different members of the on-site teams and fully reviewing the specification and design documents we were issued as part of the original tender.

The Solution

Our design team produced a design for a completely standalone, self-contained system designed specifically for this project to correctly and safety tackle all three rooms from a single system. This consisted of an extended cylinder-based system, linked together through a common manifold that allowed for each area to run from a communal system to each independent area. Each nozzle installed is a suitably rated closed head, secured with a frangible bulb that only activates in a fire scenario. This reduces the plant requirement as the nozzle will only activate if it is required, rather than all nozzles going off at once.

This worked well with the Passivhaus requirements as we only had to make a single penetration through one of the internal walls, with the rest of the works being completed above the sauna areas. The system specified required no external electrical or mechanical works to be completed, which as an ideal solution for the client in the late stages of their project, saving the client money and speeding up the installation time.

Client Response

The handover of the system was completed on schedule and the facility opened successfully the following week. The system sits primed and live, and is serviced annually to ensure ongoing integrity of the system. The client was extremely grateful that we got the system installed within the time constraints and with the on-site engineers knowledge and experience.

Kew Green Hotels / YouFit at Holiday Inn Saunas

Health and wellbeing is key when travelling, and having a local facility open for guest use just enhances this further. Being able to return to your accommodation after a long day of travelling or hours of back-to-back meetings or conferences can be tiring, so it is also key to be able to relax.

The Challenge

Our client, a national hotel management company, approached us after insurers wanted to ensure that as much risk was mitigated as possible within the leisure area of their hotels. A number of them have either pool-side or changing room sauna areas for public use, and as such they want to ensure that if there is a fire, the risk of spread is limited and mostly contained.

Our engineering team travelled to a principal property and proposed two separate options for sauna suppression. Both options were suitable for the risk, however one was a self- contained option which required a little more space, and the other was a more compact pump based system which didn’t require as much storage room, but required alternative works to be completed.

The Solution

After having multiple meetings with both the estates director and the leisure director, it was agreed that we would survey another handful of sites within the vicinity to establish the most universal system.

After completing these, SmartMist proposed a compact, mains powered and mains supplied pump system that would feed directly into the singular nozzle required within the sauna area. Each system was designed for sauna suppression, but was tailored to suit the needs of each particular site. Some systems were used to feed two saunas in close proximity, while some sites had two remote systems to feed each sauna.

Client Response

Regular annual servicing is completed to ensure that the system is kept in a full, healthy state and to ensure that any future risk is safely mitigated from the rest of the hotel. The client was happy that we managed to provide a compliant solution that met their insurance requirements, and that their sauna properties are able to remain open and live.

What is the benefit of Watermist over a traditional sprinkler system?
Minimum Mains Flow
12 litres per minute
Team name
Minimum Mains Pressure
1 bar
1 bar
Mains Power Requirement
C20 Breaker, Local Rotary Isolator
Team name
Pump Size
0.38m x 0.38m x 0.21m
Team name
Installation Time

Why use SmartMist?

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