SmartMist Benefits

Why install a water misting system?

There are numerous benefits in installing a water misting system instead of a traditional fire suppression system.

The most obvious of advantage is that a misting system uses far less water than a typical sprinkler system; less water means less water damage to your property. The tiny water droplets, 200-500 microns* (1 micron = 1000th of a mm), evaporate on contact with the blaze which helps to extinguish it more quickly and prevent re-ignition, and due to the droplet size misting allows for better water coverage of the flames and surrounding areas.

When it comes to reaction time, water misting systems tends to engage faster than other fire suppression systems, which can be the difference between a salvageable situation and an unmitigated disaster.

As a natural substance, water does not have the associated toxic fumes that come with dry chemical systems.

Water misting systems can be adapted to specific needs in terms of whether a low, medium, or high-pressure system is needed.

Water misting systems not only work off dedicated tanks, but also the water mains. The environmental benefits of connecting via the mains is that water is only ever used when it is needed instead of sitting idle in a 1000 litre tank. According to Sir James Bevan, the head of the Environmental Agency, the UK will see water shortages ‘within 25 years’ and ‘wasting water should be as socially unacceptable as blowing smoke in the face of a baby’.

As water misting systems are of modern design and lead the way in domestic and commercial fire suppression, their aesthetic value is far greater than traditional cumbersome sprinkler systems.

Why use SmartMist?

Approved Installer Network

Our carefully curated network of Guardian installers must complete thorough in-house training and testing sessions before they are approved for installation, and required to achieve industry-standard requirements and accreditation levels to maintain access to the Guardian range.

Designed in the UK. Made in the UK

The Guardian range of equipment is fully designed, components machined, products assembled and fully tested in the UK, to the highest of quality standards. All partners in our supply chain are fully ISO certified. Guardian uses the best available components for the job at every stage.

Intelligent Pump System

The Guardian system includes a comprehensive self-testing process, which ensures your system is always safe. It tells you if somethings wrong, and it can also link straight into your typical fire alarm control panel. Multiple apartments can be made aware of a fire in another area of the building to allow for a full, safe evacuation in a fire event.

Low Water Usage, No Water Damage

The Guardian System only uses 12 litres of water per minute, which means that there is no need for heavy, bulky storage tanks. Simply find the incoming water supply, and we can draw our water from the main pipework. As a bonus, because the Guardian system uses such a small amount of water, there is no such thing as water damage in a fire.

Enhanced Fire Protection

The Guardian system uses a unique, entirely natural additive which, when discharged in a fire situation, provides more rapid cooling abilities within the fire, and coats your furniture and valued possessions in a fire-resistant barrier to prevent fire spread. When the fire is extinguished, simply carry on as normal knowing that there is no damage anywhere in your property.

No Fuss, Simple Installation

The Guardian system has been designed with every eventuality in mind; it doesn’t matter whether you’re retro-fitting it into your property or it’s a new build. The small bore pipework, discreet nozzle and easy fixing methods mean that there will be no disruption to your project, no matter the size, no matter the development stage!

Discreet, Effective Protection

The Guardian nozzle is highly effective, without any large, bulky nozzles hanging from your ceiling. Both the flush ceiling-mounted and surface-mounted variants of the Guardian nozzle are compact and discreet, maintaining the desired finish of the room and property, whilst providing the highest standard of life safety and protection.

British Standard Compliant

The Guardian system has passed all aspects of the current British Standard testing, which means that the system will be accepted nationwide as a fully viable equivalent to traditional sprinkler systems. All while remaining more efficient, more cost effective, more compact and more discreet!

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