Sauna Fire Suppression

SmartMist™ provide a choice of approved mist fire suppression systems for saunas

SmartMist™ is a UK manufacturer and installer of two types of sauna fire suppression systems. Both of these suppression systems use the latest mist technology and installation is undertaken proficiently by our highly qualified fire technicians. We have produced our own sauna suppression standard. Our mist fire suppression systems will ensure your sauna becomes fire safe and insurance compliant.

The SmartMist™ sauna system is the chosen system for The Holiday Inn Group of hotels and is the only Sauna Fire Protection System recommend by the UK’s leading Sauna manufacturer, Sven Saunas.

How much does a SmartMist™ Sauna fire suppression system cost?

To assist you, we provide a Sauna System Calculator.
This will give you a really good feel for how much we charge for a 1-system installation.

Increased Sauna Insurance Premiums

The leisure industry has been put under pressure by sauna fires that have been widely reported across the sector, now is the moment to invest in Fire Protection.

It stands to reason that when a timber room is heated to temperatures close to 100° by electrical components, the risk of fire increases exponentially. The SmartMist™ system mitigates that risk and limits the damage that can be caused by sauna fires with our industry-leading and proprietary misting systems. Fast and effective, our sauna mist systems control and suppress fires quickly and connect directly to the water mains, so there’s no need for cumbersome and space consuming water tanks.

Whether your sauna is for commercial or residential use, SmartMist™ Global provides fully accredited high-pressure water misting systems to safeguard your investment. Backed by an expert team of in-house engineers we design, support and service our misting installations with the industry’s best and brightest.

Why Water Mist?

When compared to traditional sprinklers or gaseous agents, advantages to user are:

  • Quick activation
  • Far less water consumption – Up to 90%
  • Insurance company friendly
  • Less equipment
  • Top firefighting performance
  • Minimal water damage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to use
  • Excellent coverage

How does it work?

The SmartMist™ system operates automatically when the sauna room is exposed to a pre-determined level of heat. This temperature would indicate there is a flame.

The SmartMist™ own brand solution suppresses any fire by cooling, wetting and conversion of the unique mist into steam.

The effectiveness is almost immediate, is completely safe and will cause no residue damage.

No Obligation

Safeguarding your property and guests is our utmost priority, and it is with this objective the SmartMist team will visit your site and conduct a survey before proposing the most suitable mist suppression system for your location.

Once agreed, Our expert team of in-house engineers will design, install and service the most appropriate custom-made system for the sauna industry’s specific needs.