Case Study | High-Pressure Mist System in Tower Hamlets Underground Car Park

Project Summary

Tower Hamlets, Underground Car Park

Project Summary

In 2023, a large private developer faced challenges adapting to the new fire safety regulations for underground car parks in the UK. This case study details how SmartMist assisted them in implementing an innovative fire suppression solution in their new apartment complex in Tower Hamlets, focusing on the installation of a high-pressure mist system in the complex's underground car park.

The challenge

The developer was confronted with the unexpected challenge of complying with stringent regulations that classified underground car parks as high hazard areas. The need was for an efficient, space-saving fire suppression system that would meet these new standards in a densely populated urban environment, with particular concerns regarding the safety of electric vehicles.

The Solution

SmartMist recommended a high-pressure mist system, renowned for its low water usage and smaller tank requirements compared to traditional sprinkler systems. This solution was ideal for effectively controlling fires in the confined space of an underground car park and minimizing potential water damage to electric vehicles.

The installation process was meticulously planned to integrate the system within the limited confines of the underground car park. Collaboration with architects ensured the system's integration did not compromise the design or capacity of the car park, while adhering to the new fire safety standards.

Client Response

The property developer expressed high satisfaction with the outcome. The high-pressure mist system not only adhered to the new regulations but also optimized the limited space available, effectively resolving the initial compliance issues. This project has become a model for similar developments facing challenges with the new car park fire safety regulations.