Fire Suppression System for Server Rooms and Data Centres

SmartMist™ provide a FM Approved data centre fire suppression system using water mist technology. The system, combined with our highly proficient in-house team can design, install and manage all your data centre fire suppression projects.

Data centre fire safety presents its own unique challenges. Our FM Approved mist fire suppression system will ensure your data centre and server rooms become fire safe and insurance compliant.


Data centre fire protection is never just about extinguishing a fire.

The SmartMist team will research the intricacies of every project and ensure both contents and building are protected in the event of a fire and an activation. Our solution needs to take into account the precise requirements on every data centre project.

The SmartMist system uses a highly sophisticated low pressure water mist solution. Our mist technology uses far less water than traditional sprinkler options and has the flexibility to be used in conjunction with fire suppression already in-situ.


A data centre fire not controlled can be catastrophic. Every year there are reports of more fires. The effect on a business is devastating. An interesting statistic on data centre fires is when they occur. Surprisingly, they tend to happen in the morning. The obvious danger of this stat is that there tends to people in the building. Data centre fire suppression is a necessity


How does it work?

The SmartMist system operates automatically when the data centre is exposed to a pre-determined level of heat. This temperature would indicate there is a flame.

The SmartMist own brand solution suppresses any fire by cooling, wetting and conversion of the unique mist into steam.

The effectiveness is almost immediate, is completely safe and will cause no residue damage.

No Obligation

Safeguarding your property and data is our utmost priority, and it is with this objective the SmartMist team will visit your site and conduct a survey before proposing the most suitable mist suppression system for your location.

Once agreed, Our expert team of in-house engineers will design, install and service the most appropriate custom-made system for the data centre industry’s specific needs.