Hospital Fire Suppression Mist System

SmartMist™ provides hospitals and healthcare buildings with a full design, install, commissioning and servicing of our accredited water mist suppression system.

Our suppression system uses the latest mist technology and installation is undertaken proficiently by our highly qualified fire technicians.

Our mist fire suppression systems will ensure your school building is fire safe and insurance compliant.


Hospital Mist Technology

Staggeringly, there are on average 1500 fires in the NHS annually. Sadly, this often leads to injury and loss of life. A quality fire suppression system is particularly essential in mental health care trusts. SmartMist is a leading champion of mist technology. Our hospital mist suppression system uses 73% less water than standard alternatives.

This presents a huge space saving benefit and is clearly a much preferred option from an environmental aspect.

Our system is a low pressure and low flow mist system. In the event of activation, just the one nozzle nearest the fire will be activated and the system is deliberately designed as quiet in operation. This assists in achieving a low-panic response with the children that are potentially close by. We have deliberately produced semi-hidden mist heads to ensure they are tamper proof.

The combination of minimal water and low pressure ensures the SmartMist hospital suppression system is one of the most cost effective systems available in the UK.

The SmartMist hospital suppression system is backed by local councils, fire service and insurance companies as part of the whole fire suppression strategy for healthcare fire strategy.


SmartMist has a UK wide in-house installation team. If you are managing a fire suppression for a hospital or healthcare project, contact the SmartMIst team and we will only please to advise as best we can.

How does it work?

The SmartMist system operates automatically when the Hospital is exposed to a pre-determined level of heat. This temperature would indicate there is a flame.

The SmartMist own brand solution suppresses any fire by cooling, wetting and conversion of the unique mist into steam.

The effectiveness is almost immediate, is completely safe and will cause no residue damage.

No Obligation

Safeguarding your property and patients is our utmost priority, and it is with this objective the SmartMist team will visit your site and conduct a survey before proposing the most suitable mist suppression system for your location.

Once agreed, Our expert team of in-house engineers will design, install and service the most appropriate custom-made system for the healthcare industry’s specific needs.