FM Approved Water Mist Solution for
Industrial Fryer Protection

FM Approved System

SmartMist provide and install an FM approved water mist suppression system for large commercial fryers. The fire suppression system is suitable for all commercial fryer locations, especially large conveyor and kettle fryers. Insurance claims as a result of fire related incidents within the food production sector have reached an all time high and the SmartMist FM approved fryer suppression system is the preferred choice for many insurance companies.

Protection of industrial oil cookers from fire is absolutely paramount. At SmartMist we offer an FM approved water mist solution that provides peace of mind for both the owners and the insurance policy requirements for industrial fryer locations.

oil cooker fire suppression

Advantages of water mist for your Industrial Frying Facility

  • FM Approved system
  • Far less water consumption – Up to 90%
  • Minimal repair and cleaning costs
  • Flexible system to suit any oil cooker installation
  • Minimal water damage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to use

What is Water Mist Technology?

The key difference between a water mist suppression system and traditional fire sprinkler system is the size of the water droplets. Water mist consists of droplets with a diameter less than 1,000 microns each which is roughly a fifth of the size of the droplets made by standard fire sprinkler systems.

A traditional fire suppression system combats a fire by drenching the fire and the surrounding area with water thus lowering the heat of the fire and the fuel. A water mist suppression system works in the same way, but due to the smaller size of the droplets, when the tiny droplets comes in contact with hot air they evaporate and turn to steam, which then suffocates the fire. Steam also absorbs more heat per unit of time than larger water droplets, therefore reducing the temperature faster.

No Obligation

Safeguarding your property and personnel is our utmost priority, and it is with this mission critical objective in mind that the SmartMist team will visit your site and conduct an in-depth survey before proposing the most suitable mist suppression system for your location. Once agreed, our engineers will install the most effective fire suppression systems in use today for your industrial fryer and oil cooker.

We believe our water mist system surpasses the performance of any sprinkler system.

The SmartMist water mist system can provide fire protection solutions to suit any of your commercial fryer suppression requirements. Every location that uses fryer cookers or oil cookers should have a leading mist fire suppression system installed.